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Benedetti philosophy

The Benedetti motto is "from vine to bottle, a family tradition".

In fact, the company can boast that we only use grapes of our own production, thus being able to follow the birth of the wines from the cultivation of the vine; This painstaking attention to every step, combined with a deep love and passion for our land, leading to that wonderful product that is Valpolicella in all its types ...

Choices that do not follow the logic of the market but are like an artist's signature on his work

Benedetti Valpolicella Superiore Ripasso Classico 0,75ml 14,5%  

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Benedetti Valpolicella Superiore Ripasso Classico 0,75ml 14,5% ... 
 € 22,94
  • "Real Italian taste, Real Italian coffee"
  • Biologische en FairTrade koffie
  • Biologische thee
  • Astoria, voor een perfecte espresso
  • La Tazzina, smaak en aandacht voor detail
  • Sorini, traditie en passie voor chocolade
  • Quarante, kwaliteit kent geen compromis
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