Hordeum -Italiaans bier-

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Hordeum -Birra italiana-

Our story begins in February 2013, on Valentine's day. And it could not have gone another way, for our ambition is moved by a great passion for beer and by the love for Novara's territory, an area shaped by the countryside and by the water from the rice fields, with the mountainous mass of Monte Rosa always in the background.

We joined around an idea which we transformed into an agricultural firm to produce craft beer made from cereals grown within the boundaries of the natural park of the Ticino River and Lake Major. We are proud to be among the first and the few agricultural breweries in the Piedmont region.

Our mission is to get to have 100% of our ingredients coming from the territory. A great part of the cereals we use to produce our beers takes its origin in the MAB area of Cameri (Novara), one of the eleven rural districts  which form the Piedmontese part of the Park of the Ticino River and Lake Major.

It is a project of short supply chain which enables us, to bring the distinguishing features of this area into the finished products and to keep up our passion for the environment and for the land which we are bound to.

The beer we produce comes indeed from the barley, but also from the spelt, from the rye, from the premium-quality Carnaroli rice and from the typical Venere rice and Ermes rice.

In the process of choosing and selecting the raw materials, there is an everyday work of research and investmen, which we not only consider as necessary but also feel essential to recognize ourselves in that passion.

Our vocation fur sustainable development and our love for this unique land, which we have considered among the core values of our agricultural brewery, are materialized by the "Ticino Valley area MAB Piemonte" label to which we adhere.

Hordeum Birra italiana, Regina blonde lager 4,8% 33cl  

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Hordeum Birra italiana, "Regina" blonde lager 4,8% 33cl... 
 € 2,50

Hordeum Birra italiana, Hermes red with Ermes rice Vienna 5,5% 33cl  

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Hordeum Birra italiana, "Hermes" red with Ermes rice Vienna 5,5% 33cl... 
 € 2,72

Hordeum Birra italiana, Venus black with Venus rice black lager 5,0% 33cl  

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Hordeum Birra italiana, "Venus" black with Venus rice black lager 5,0% 33cl... 
 € 2,73

Hordeum Birra italiana, Contina pale with spelt 5,5% 33cl  

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Hordeum Birra italiana, "Contina" pale with spelt 5,5% 33cl... 
 € 2,67

Hordeum Birra italiana, India ipa Indian Pale Ale 5,9% 33cl  

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Hordeum Birra italiana, "India" ipa Indian Pale Ale 5,9% 33cl ... 
 € 2,77

Hordeum Birra italiana, Era blond and sharp Strong ale 7,5% 33cl  

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Hordeum Birra italiana, "Era" blond and sharp Strong ale 7,5% 33cl ... 
 € 2,87

Hordeum Birra italiana, Iside amber and fruity Strong ale 6,8% 33cl  

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Hordeum Birra italiana, "Iside" amber and fruity Strong ale 6,8% 33cl ... 
 € 2,81

Hordeum Birra italiana, Ruber anytime raspberry flavour beer 8,0% 33cl  

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Hordeum Birra italiana, "Ruber" anytime raspberry flavour beer 8,0% 33cl ... 
 € 3,01

Hordeum Birra italiana, Moka coffee stout coffee flavoured beer 8,5% 33cl  

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Hordeum Birra italiana, "Moka" coffee stout coffee flavoured beer 8,5% 33cl ... 
 € 2,98

Hordeum Birra italiana, Evo gluten free lager 5,2% 33cl  

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Hordeum Birra italiana, "Evo" gluten free lager 5,2% 33cl ... 
 € 2,93
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