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SANTERO IS Founded at the beginning of 1958 and consolidated by the Santero brothers, Leopoldo, Renzo, Aldo and Adelio. Located in the heart of a wine-growing region, immersed in the splendid 

Monferrato hills. A history stretching half a century, marked by the passion for the vineyard, expert management of the wine cellar and the love for wine and sparkling wine. Today, the production department develops the firm with care throughout each phase: from the grape harvest to the bottling phase, which takes place on-site in the completely restructured wine cellar where innovation and technology unite giving life to products with a modern appearance but age-old heart.


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  • "Real Italian taste, Real Italian coffee"
  • Biologische en FairTrade koffie
  • Biologische thee
  • Astoria, voor een perfecte espresso
  • La Tazzina, smaak en aandacht voor detail
  • Sorini, traditie en passie voor chocolade
  • Quarante, kwaliteit kent geen compromis
il Limone
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